At 6 in the morning, a guy was walking while talking over the headphone. If you pass by, you can easily hear him narrating his idea to a mentor or the client abroad, or mentioning a friend. He might not even notice you passing by. For others he was on a morning walk, for better health but for him he is grabbing extra hours for better health of his startup.
It is 9 in the morning, she is standing on the balcony, all lost in thoughts. She took off from work as she isn’t fine, the very next moment she called someone and started explaining her new designs and rushed to office.
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It seems quite normal from outside, it’s just another day in the life of a human being but when it comes to an entrepreneur it is a day to make something big again. In his life, every day is “Go Big or Go Home”. Go home is certainly not the choice because whatever he/she is doing today, is being earned after long fights with almost everyone and everything. A fight with the routine, settled and risk-free career; a fight with a monthly fixed salary and planning weekends with friends; a fight with the family to live the life of dream; a fight to stood up after each and every failure, a fight with own motivation after failure; a fight for being a boss and stand strong in all situation. An entrepreneur becomes an entrepreneur after countless fights every day. He is being judged by almost everyone around him.
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Situations around him are always like pizza with extra cheese. When business is down, he can’t think of his own money, he has to arrange salary for the entire team. When something goes wrong, he has to take the full responsibility for his team member’s mistake. When an employee is sick, they can take off but when he/she is sick, he takes medicines and rushes to the office.
It is just another day in the life of an entrepreneur. From being judged to being ridiculed for coming up with something new. Entrepreneurs need to prove themselves right every now and then to a lot of people around them. At times they have been mocked for their idea of changing the world. They have undeclared accountability to their customers, employees, investors, society, family, friends, government and if he/she is left with some more energy, compliances are there to suck it up. He is a leader first then a human being.
Yes, an entrepreneur is different, we all need to agree. He has something which makes him a fighter, leader and a person with living dream having the vision to change the world.

Five qualities of entrepreneurs:
1. Fighter:
An entrepreneur fights every day, every second. He fights with his own fear of losing some day and with the situations around. Every day has new challenges and he has to stand strong, fight and has to win anyways. Because this world is still a long way to go to accepts failures. He needs to fight no matter what.
2. Leader:
Yeah, it is your choice to startup. You have to be a leader and lead like a champ in all the tough times. If he earns, it’s coz of the team, and if he loses, he is responsible. He doesn’t have this choice, to skip being a leader and enjoy the life of luxury.
3. Visionary:
Wherever, he is born small place or big cities, whatever be the age, he/she always dared to dream big. To bring the change in the lives is always on the mind. Highly educated or not, they always have the right ingredients to implement their ideas with the limited available resources.
4. Weird:
It may sound weird, but that’s 200% true. An entrepreneur is weird in all the possible ways. From thinking out of the box to a sudden road trip alone. Least satisfied with their performance, least concerned about their health, at times highly motivated, next moment all time low. Their only spouse in life is their “Startup”, married or not and their spouses have to deal with it.
5. Passionate:
An entrepreneur has passion in everything. At times passionate leader, at times passionate loser. Their passion makes them everything from writer to actor, from being a boss to a peon, their Sundays are especially working. Because of their passion, the world is a much better place now.
It is because of these weird creatures on earth, our everyday life is better and easier. It is because of the lost morning walker we have travelled a long journey to be better connected with everyone. Despite own selfish life, an entrepreneur chooses to be a leader at an age when others might be planning their marriage and honeymoon. From skipping meals to skipping family gathering, what’s all he/she misses chasing the Go Big passion.
The same way world has got Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple and the same way we are building EngineerBabu. The same way many of you hustling day and night to stand out and make things better by your startup. The same way we all are living a day somewhat different.
At times you may find them in events to pitch their idea. Sometimes they can be seen in some bar spilling frustration. But when you meet them in office, you find them dedicated and working endlessly for that one goal. A having closer look in the life of an entrepreneur, you will find a respect-seeker and friend for you to understand him. That’s all he wants in return.
Their morning may start from watching motivational videos, night may end by writing self-motivation blog.
Just another day in the life of an entrepreneur is a bit different.